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Still going strong!

I have washed, dried, stomped, beaten, tossed, and scraped these rugs around for months. They are still going strong and holding LOTS of dirt in them from my pets and family. They grip the floor really well and stand up to all our abuse. :)

EXTREMELY absorbent!!!

I cannot believe how absorbent this rug is! It also gets dry sand and mud off shoes well. Once I stepped in water in cotton socks in the kitchen, so stepped onto it to see what would happen. WOW, it actually dried my soaked socks off in just a minute. I couldn't be more impressed with this rug! It grips the floor well, and hasn't moved an inch since I put it down several weeks ago. I plan to get one for the bathroom, to step on when getting out of the shower. I've never had a shower/bath mat that was absorbent like this is. Its appearance is lightweight, thin, and not particularly full or thick of fibers, and the fibers are short. I got the brown to match the floor the best, and it's ok, but not an overly attractive rug. That said, I wouldn't pass it up for any other, since the function is exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend this rug!

Service and courtesy

I am extremely happy with this mat. I love the protection it provides for a very lovely rug that I have in my foyer. I love how it adheres to the floor and doesn’t slip on my tile. The color combo is very nice also. The one main thing about this whole buying experience is that when I originally ordered this mat I was in the process of moving and somehow the post office temporarily lost this delivery. So when I contacted the company they immediately shipped out a new mat to me and I received it in only a few days. My whole experience with this company has been superb. You will be most happy if you order this mat.

High quality and absorbs mud easily

I was very doubtful about this mat at first so I ordered only one to try it. Its safe to say this is a high and super absorbent mat. It has fashion design and I like its color. You don't need to wipe your feet and just step on it, and it will it will absorb dirt, dust, mud. I have also tried setting it next to my cats litter box and it works! It is also very easy to clean. It's Non-slip function will prevent you to skid while you walk on it. I love it so far. Will order more.

I absolutely love these mats

I absolutely love these mats. I ordered one of these last year and loved it so much I ordered 5 more (saved over $60!). These mats truly do absorb water well not only for us but our four-legged friends! I highly recommend!

Absorbent DoorMat
Great for dog traffic!

Got our mat this past weekend and wanted to test it out before doing a review. The verdict? It's awesome! This mat stays at the inside of the dog door for all the in and out traffic. It helps with all the rainy days and just regular dirt in and out with my two aussies. The best thing for me is that it stays put! I wanted a grippy mat that wouldn't slide every time the run out, and it has done the trick. Love it! Just wish they had more colors to choose from.

Maddie H.

Love this doormat. I bought the smaller size to see if it really works and it does! I bought the larger size since and plan on getting two more large ones (I'm glad they do discounts for multiple units). We have 5, yes 5, large dogs and 3 cats that use the doggy door. That’s 32 paws many times a day. So the small stays by the dog door there and we keep the larger one by the front door. The door is able to glide right over it!! This magic carpet keeps the little sand, pebbles and muddy mess from getting into the house. Easy to clean. Just shake it out, drop it in the washer and lay flat to dry! This is a game changer. I don’t have to do the floors every day! Sorry for the long review but hope this helps :)

Highly recommended

As others have said, it really sheds when you run it through the washer. I recommend you vacuum it (like they say on their website). I have only washed it once before we used it but I expect to continue to lose fibers for a few more washes. That is a minor problem considering how nice it absorbs the dirt and mud.

It is the perfect size for an outside door opening. I highly recommend this rug.

Great rug.

We live in the country and there is a lot of dust, dirt, and mud. This rug has been very helpful in keeping our wood floors clean. It may not trap all of the dirt but it is a big improvement. We have grand kids who forget to wipe their feet outside so this is the best rug that I have found.

As described

If you read the directions for this rug, and do as they say, there are no surprises. It does shed some the first time you wash it, no surprise there, and it wasn't a big mess. I tossed mine in the dryer on low heat and it came out just fine. Some lint in the lint trap, but not a large amount. I use it at the front door because that's the door I take my bullmastiff in and out of. For the past week, it seems as though my laminate flooring isn't as dirty as usual, given the wonderful Wisconsin weather. The rug does not take 100% of the moisture off the bottom of your shoe or boot, but nothing does unless you remove and hand dry them. At least it reduces the amount of dirt, snow, moisture that would normally track directly onto your floors.

Great low profile entryway rug

This is our third rug (same brand). We had the small and large versions of the gray color. We needed new rugs for our post-home improvement project of our entryway. As we've been pleased over the past 2-3 years of owning our rugs, I knew I wanted another one, and was happy to see I could order a brown version. Reasons why we like the product--does the job as advertised, low profile, easy to clean, and no quality issues.

Very pleased.

Great for by the door of an active family.

Great product and customer service

We bought this rug to help with our dogs tracking mud into the house every time it rains and it had helped a lot. The customer service from this company has been absolutely fabulous. Will order more soon!

Stays Put!

Stays put. Lies flat enough to allow door to open and shut. Collects debris and moisture tracked in. Four stars just because I wish it was a bit larger.

Does the job!

I have bought several of these rugs in both sizes. They do an excellent job keeping my cat from spreading cat litter all over my house.

Absorbent DoorMat
John Faulkner
Stop paw prints in their tracks!

I purchased this product to put a stop to wet and muddy paw prints at the back door instead of throughout my house. I have only had it for about a month but it has helped through a very wet and muddy end of winter and beginning of spring.

Good product. Good price.

So far I'm happy with this product.

Have only washed, so far.

Seems adequate, have not put it through any type of use such as foot traffic, has only been washed as per instructions. It came out very soft, not stiff like some fiber carpet mats would be. So far Happy.

Love it!

Amazing! Beautiful rug and really doesn’t let the mud or ice get on floor after stepping on it.

Absorbent DoorMat
Christina Massihb
Definitely wash the rug before using

The color in my house looks a little more black and white than in the picture...I love it. Definitely wash the rug before using...it gets rid of any extra fiber/fuzz. As far as I can tell, the mats work great when my family is coming in and out of the house without taking their shoes off. I would absolutely recommend this product.


This is commercial quality in my opinion. It is wonderful for my rv. Cotton fibers and absorbent!

It's my second purchase

The texture is sooo good. I got the grey one before, it’s very pretty and I was very satisfied, so I got the other color this time.

It is useful!

I got this item last week and it is really useful! I bought it because I usually invite friends to my home and sometimes their boots were wet and leave dirty footprints on my floor. After using this mat, there isn't any footprints on my floor any more. I love it very much!

They told the truth about the roads

I love my new front door rug. I live in the low desert and we have an out of sand, so this is the first rug as you enter my house before hitting a long runner!
It definitely does pick up the sand and dust from peoples feet before entering my house what a great rug
I followed the instructions to wash first in no soap just water get a delicate cycle and I left it out all night long to dry and it did spruce it up I would buy this again and again great item !


This mat is amazing, it did shred a little bit when you first got it, but don’t worry, after first wash&dry following the instructions, it doesn’t shred at all.